Launch Planning FAQ

The Pelican Paddle Pub is a 25-foot “pedal pub” on the water! There are 10 pedal stations where you do the pedaling and physically move the boat by way of a paddle wheel and 4 spots for freeloaders. The center segment of the paddle pub is a bar with coolers that can store your favorite beverage.
Nope! Since the “paddle pub” is on water, you can eliminate all those pesky hills that you encounter with the “pedal Pub” and the paddle wheel can be adjusted to increase or decrease resistance. In the event your sea legs get tired, there is a 30 hp motor to take over for your lack of energy.
1) Click “Book a tour” 2) Pick your date and time from the calendar 3) Enter credit card information and contact info 4) Receive confirmation email and beverage selection guide 5) Forward email to your group!
Nope, you will receive a beverage selection guide and be able to put in your order with Dockside off-sale for a wide selection of beer, wine, soda, and water, which will be ready for you when you board you cruise.
No. The on board coolers will be filled with ice and your pre-purchased beverages when you arrive for your cruise!
No. Since there are coolers on board and limited space, coolers are not allowed on board.
Yes! Feel free to bring snacks to share during your cruise.
Customers will receive a full refund or credit if they cancel within 7 days of their booked cruise date. Contact us by phone to cancel or inquire about a cancellation. No-shows will not be refunded. *If the captain deems that bad weather or unsafe conditions exist the captain will cancel the tour and we will rebook your cruise or a refund will be provided.
The Pelican Paddle Pub will launch from Dockside at Breezy Point Resort.
The cruises last approximately 90 minutes.
Nope, so please plan ahead! In the event of an urgent need, we will need to turn back to Dockside.
There are 10 pedal stations and room for 4 additional passengers.
Yes, provided that they are accompanied by a parent, and arrive wearing an appropriately fitted and certified life jacket.
We provide the crew for your cruise.
Yes, tips are welcome and appreciated.
Try very hard to not fall off. While there are 3.5 foot railings surrounding the paddle pub, if for some reason you do fall off, the boat is equipped with life jackets and rings to retrieve you.
Nope. This is a boating cruise.If you are interested in swimming, contact the resort about their designated/available swimming locations.
Nope. Sorry anglers, this is the wrong cruise for you.
We operate rain or shine. There is a canopy over the entire deck to keep you relatively dry. We take your safety seriously, so if thunder, lightening or heavy winds are present, the captain has the right to cancel the tour and offer a refund or rebook your cruise.
Nope. If we see smoke around you, we’ll assume you are on fire & drench you with water!